Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Asia Trip 2010 - 1/14/2010

So, throughout the trip, I have written an unpublished journal of the past two weeks of travel to Hong Kong, Phuket (Thailand), and Guangzhou (mainland China). The purpose of the trip was mainly to visit family, but also to have a couple weeks to away to take in the awesomeness of these places. We have gained so many great experiences and revelations. Enjoy!


Our flight to Hong Kong from Newark, NJ passed over the north pole.. the north pole!! The place where Santa Claus is supposed to reside. Anyway, for dinner, we had some yummy beef short ribs with sticky rice that had the perfect consistency, a preview of the rice to come in China. The snack was a turkey hot dog with Haagen Daaz while watching Rain Man. The flight had a great selection of movies, so I tried to watch the Notebook, but could not stand more than a half hour of it.

More than halfway through the flight, we passed through Mongolia, and the sky had the most beautiful blood orange color. Prior to arriving, we had noodles.

As expected, since we came with my mother, Uncle 5, and Aunt 8 (my mom's sis and bro), family drama did ensue: Uncle 5 lost his baggage and some quarreling between Aunt and Uncle 8 occurred. As a side note, my Aunt 8 lives in US, and her husband, my uncle lives in Hong Kong. She visits him every 3 years or so.

Overall, the journey was not so bad, and the quickest Asia flight I have been on. We arrived at a nice hotel, the HK Gold Coast hotel near the water.

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