Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hong Kong Big Buddha - 1/15/10

I quickly discover that there is no free internet, which is not entirely a bad thing. I get so distracted at home by this thing but now I can focus entirely on my travels... SAD. While getting ready, we watched ping pong on TV.. YES!

My uncle and aunt 8, mom, and uncle 5 came over to our hotel from Tuen Mun, a neigborhood 10 minutes away in the New Territories where my they own two apartments. Here's a link to the description of the various Districts in Hong Kong. We all hopped onto a bus back to Tuen Mun to have breakfast.

Our breakfast, dim sum, was delicious. Taking in the sights, smells, and sounds, I realize that there is a certain unexplainable energy here that does not exist at home. I love it.

We rode the bus to Lantau island where we took the cable cars to see the Big Buddha atop a mountain. Here, there were definitely more tourists in contrast to Tuen Mun. The cable cars led us to a little town leading to the Big Buddha. As we got to the central area, we went to the temple and participated in Buddhist prayer using incense. It is believed (at least from my family's standpoint) that prayer there has an enhanced effect (?) ... I honestly don't understand the religion much outside of family tradition. I also bought Buddhist blessed jade at the store near the temple.

Afterwards, we went up many steps to the big Buddha and took in the sites. With the temperature at 60 degrees and clear skies, it was a great day to come here. We walked back down, sat at a small cafe and had tofu flour soup with ginger sugar water and sesame soup, both made from this mountain's spring water.

In the evening, we went to a cool little Asian cafe that reminded Keith of an American diner and had wonton noodle soup. Then, I got my hair cut and the shampoo guy gave the best scalp massage. The guy who cut my hair was great and hardly knew any English. We had some interesting discussions in Cantonese. He told me he could not tell which English speaking white dude was from where based on accent and did not know much about the States. This made hearing his perspectives and curiosity even more interesting. Everyone spent so much time on me for a shampoo, cut, and blow dry, and it was all for only 11 USD. I had a great experience here and wish this type of service existed in Baltimore.

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