Friday, January 29, 2010

Hong Kong - Friend, Shopping, Apartment - 1/16/10

TV is smarter in Hong Kong. Only we get shitty programming. For example, somehow, Discovery channel here has more informational shows rather than reality shows.

We met up with our friend and went to an awesome Thai restaurant, Chilli (yes, that's how they spell it) and Spice, and had sticky rice stuffed chicken, spicy noodle salad, pork neck with sweet chili sauce, hollow pipe greens in a Thai fish sauce, squid fried rice, finishing off with mango with black sticky rice. It was an awesome meal. My mom and our friend had young coconut juice in a coconut.

After, we decided to go to Tsim Sha Tsui through the newly built West Rail Line from Tuen Muen. It was much quicker than the bus. When we arrived, it was near a huge mall that looked just like the ones in the states, but the clothing was very expensive. We decided to go to Tseun Wan instead because of boutiques. I fell in love with one beautiful yellow coat from Korea with some red and green detail. Also saw a cute Japanese navy blue blazer and had to have it. So worth it!

My mom and I took a really old bus back to Tuen Mun, which was very nice because it had so few stops and was very empty. We picked up Keith and went to the Lai Bo area to have dinner. It was the worst restaurant we ever had in Hong Kong. Keith even said he liked the dumplings I made much more!

My aunt 11 just arrived tonight from the US, so we stayed in the area and went to one of two apartments that the 8s owned where she was staying. I wanted to show Keith an actual living space of a Hong Kong family. At 300 square feet, you had to use the space efficiently. You could tell it was not my uncle's main apartment as it boasted a calendar from 1999.

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