Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hong Kong - Wetland Park, Cousins - 1/17/10

Dogs - In Hong Kong, I love all breeds of dogs, since I typically wouldn't expect them here, even the little yappy ones (mini poodles, pomeranians, Chinese crested and the like). There's a little chow we saw every morning that loves the koi pond, but we did not see him today.

Pizza Hut - It is cool being a pizza hut delivery guy here. They deliver pizzas in old vespa scooters (the kind like Keith's stella, all manual and stuff).

We went to the Wetland park. It is truly a peaceful escape from the city. Basically, it reminds me of a park around the Chesapeake Bay. It details the plants and animals in the Hong Kong marshland and includes bird watching houses and a butterfly garden. Frolicking around the park are lots of cute kids, who seem much more well-behaved than in the U.S.

We went around the town looking for a place to eat and ended up at a little bustling restaurant where strangers share tables with each other. I had to ask the waitress about the menu items because they were all in Chinese. We ended up with spicy noodle soups that had pickled veggies, fried chicken, and cilantro. A nice lady at our table struck up a conversation with me and I found out she has family in Vancouver. She also said that white men (since she saw Keith) love Asian women and treat them very well... hmmmmm....

After going back to the hotel and resting, we went to meet up in Mei Foo (an awesome looking neighborhood) where my cousin Eddie lives with his family. My dad's cousin Mei-Ha and her daughter Amy (would that be a second cousin?) also joined us. Eddie's 7-year-old daughter Erica was extremely cute. She was a barrel of laughs, very smart, and quite a charmer. Her phrase of the day was "I am America! I am America!" because she was born in the U.S. Amy was awesome and had a lot of common with Keith, so I wished Keith could speak better Cantonese so he could talk to her.

Eddie took us to an awesome restaurant where we had bean tips, fish, green beans cooked with a pickled veggie and minced meat, jellyfish, roast pork skin, and a warm almond soup dessert... Yum!!!!!! We had so much fun hanging out with everyone!

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