Sunday, January 31, 2010

To Thailand - 1/18/10

It is 1:30am. Post nasal drip woke me up from a couple of crazy dreams. Yes, I am going to Thailand today, but realizing from these dreams, I cannot help but feel overwhelmingly excited that in 4 days, I am meeting the family I have not seen in 20 years. These dreams are scenarios that include challenges of how I meet the Uncle 3 family.

Scenario A - I go to Canton and meet them at a party they were already having. This party included a friend who was just a mushed talking head in a box... He muttered "remember me from when you were little? Wow you have grown to be a very beautiful woman!" Uncle 3 was no where in sight but my cousin was there but he was hard to find because too many people looked like him.

Scenario B - China had strict rules about visiting family in Hong Kong and we could not go there. They had to sneak over from China... When they did, my cousin helped Keith with making signage for a local China / Hong Kong border restaurant. Keith designed an awesome package, but my mother overrode them with some crappy designs because of a tight deadline. Family went back to China and we had to follow them to try to hang out with them. This was done by driving and as Keith was driving us there, barrels and barrels fell from the truck ahead.

Jet lag, little sleep = bad combo of vertigo, nausea, and dizziness. Now we are off to Thailand.

Phuket is a new experience. Lots of scooters and it truly seems like a sin city. Many Europeans visit here. It has an Indian mixed with a South Pacific Asian feel. I saw lots of old men with younger ladies. Hotel people and mini mart vendors seem aloof and unhappy to work. Keith felt sick so I took a walk by myself at night and what an experience in 5 minutes. I saw some old white men with young Asian women. Mini flourescent lit open air restaurants dotted a road facing the beach. I got takeout for one and the guy kept asking me questions. He proceeded to offered his sister to be our tourguide. Not sure if I want that. Outside our hotel, a street vendor along with his child sells naan with nutella. It is loud outside and certainly seems like a vibrant nightlife but we are checking in early tonight.

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