Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Phuket - Tour - 1/20/10

I dreamt last night about a deadline at work so I flew back home to take care of it and flew back to HK. When we finally came home for good, Keith kept swerving on the ride home.

It was such a pain in the ass setting up the driving service to take us back to the airport. We paid for it already and so we still had to re-fax the coupon to them to ensure pickup.

Today we went to the James Bond island tour. I was very motion sick on the 2 hour ride there. There was also a 10-person family in our 15-seat van who were extremely loud, yelling and laughing in German the whole way there. We went to an area with lots and lots of monkeys. I had never seen so many monkeys in my life.

The only time I did not want to throw up was on the longtail boat ride around the islands. Our first stop was at a Muslim fishing village. We had lunch with Frenchmen who thought Keith and I had different accents. It was fun practicing my French. One guy works with ladies clothing (vetements femme). We met some new friends from South Africa and also met some Americans from Chicago.

There are actually very little Americans here. Most tourists are Aussie and European, mainly German and French.

Walking around the Muslim fishing village after lunch, a lady shoved a diapered monkey on us and made us take pics so we could pay her. The Monkey squeaked when he moved. It also farted on Keith, but at least the diaper was there.

The longtail boat brought us to an island with many caves. Keith was excited about canoeing and paddling the boat. We arrived and to Keith's disappointment, there was a guide already there to steer the canoe. Fortunately, our canoer was funny. He kept saying "VIP" "football" "pretty Chinese, handsome American" "ni hao". After, the longtail boat brought us to James Bond Island, then back to the main land.

On the way home I was itching to get off the van because of the loud family and motion sickness. You could tell everyone was getting tired, but at any given point during the ride, at least one family member was trying to cover up the silence with singing, rapping, screaming, yelling, all in German.

We HAD to get a massage after the trip, so we went back to Let's Relax. They had no Thai massage appointments available, so we settled for the dream package which included the hand/foot reflex and head shoulder massage. Floating on a lotus back to our hotel, well, we wished we did, we ended up at a nearby restaurant with a crazy cover singer. So tired now I can't type full sentences. Want to be go back to home away from home (HK).

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Sanjit said...

Blaming your gas on a monkey... that's low.