Friday, February 5, 2010

Remembrance, Art - 1/22/10

My cousin, Hiu Kwun is such a good guy. He seems so stressed out but should take more time for himself. He used to have a motorcycle or two but the city no longer allows them. Keith said that if he visits the States he can borrow his motorcycle.

This morning at the hotel, I saw a burka-clad woman with only her eyes visible next to a Japanese girl in a short short skirt. Quite a contradiction. We had dim sum at Food Street located in the hotel that had a traditional Cantonese-style interior.

After, we went to pay respects to my grandmother, uncle 1, and great grandparents. My grandmother was just moved to this cemetary, so her headstone was not up yet. Uncle 1 was my mother's half-brother. My grandfather had two wives: wife #1 was Uncle 1's mother, and my grandmother was wife #2. I was very close with my grandmother, so this meant a lot to me.

After, my head hurt like hell, and I had to take a couple Tylenol and a nap. When I woke up, I felt 100% better. It was such a horrible sinus headache. I was glad I was well rested in time to meet up with cousins for dinner.

These cousins are my dad's first cousins, who are also Mei-Ha's (earlier visit in Hong Kong) brothers and were very close to my dad. Their son Gah-wun (Tobey) and his wife Mei Mei were also planning to meet us for dinner.

Gah-wun and Mei Mei picked us up in front of the hotel. It was a little bittersweet, because he was the spitting image of my dad in his youth. We went to a restaurant with more foods I have not yet tried. Everyone was so so sweet and insisted on hanging out more, but we only had one more day in Guangzhou.

Gah-wun is also an artist, so when he heard that Keith is an environmental graphics designer, he said he HAD to take to one of his favorite places, bEnsHoP. It is a gallery that mixes old period Chinese pieces with the new. It houses many floors with various exhibits, a flower and gift shop, and a rooftop overlooking Beijing street. This museum was a preview of what we will see tomorrow when we visit the old city.

We are so happy to have met such wonderful people tonight. Tomorrow, we are again meeting up with them at a lakeside restaurant, supposedly with some beautiful views.

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